Goodbye Zwickau

Today, Friday 25th 2014, I gave the keys to my appartment back to my landlord. The place was clean, white and just as pretty as the day I moved in 2,5years ago. Goodbye pretty flat!

Then I visited my old colleagues at work to say goodbye and helped my friends move - as if I didn’t do enough moving to do over the last weeks ;-)

It was my last day in Zwickau. Next time I’ll be back as a visitor only.

Next step: Flight to London next Tuesday. Yay!

Bye bye Polo

I sold my car today. It was a little sad, maybe for a minute. Then I realized how refreshing it is to own less and less stuff each day.

Time in between

For the last two weeks I met with friends in Zwickau, Leipzig and Berlin, had some last family shoots, enjoyed the little time in between I have right now. A lt of things have to be done but there’s still enough time for me to enjoy the days. This week the actual moving part will begin. I’m selling my furniture and have to paint all of my place white. And I have to pack. Fun!

Last day at work

So today was my last day in the office. It was weird, for a lot of different reasons - but not the ones I expected. it felt alright to leave at the end of the day. I wasn’t sad or malancholic or anything. I went home earlier than usual and felt good. The sun was shining.

new website

I finally launched my new website - I’ve been working on it sicne January and I just love it so much! Of course it’s targeted to UK brides, now I just have to work on SEO to make sure people find me through google.


So it’s just a few more weeks until I want to move to Brighton. I’m an professional procrastinator, I feel like I haven’t prepared anything yet. Maybe because it’s true. I’m just now figuring out what contracts and services I have to quit (cable, gas, phone, insurances and whatnot). Passed the deadline for most contract canellations already but luckily everybody is willing to let me out of the contract when I present them a prove of emigration. I want to see whether I can give notice of my departure in advance with the Zwickau registration office. That might make things a bit easier and I don’t have to deal with all of that when I’m actually getting ready to move.

Other thanĀ  that I need to declutter my appartment, get rid of stuff I don’t need and place (online) ads for my furniture. And prepare my car for selling. SO MUCH TO DO. But I feel like I’m finally getting on top of everything. Hopefully.